EFEVE - European Project


EFEVE - European Project



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EFEVE Project has been funded under FP7 in the FoF. NMP.2012-7 call devoted to the topic of Innovative technologies for casting, material removing and forming processes and the consortium is composed of 5 SMEs, 7 large companies and 3 RTD institutions.

The project is focused on the development of new nanoreinforced aluminium and magnesium alloys as well as new processes that may be suitable for such materials.The investigation will approach two different families of nanoreinforcements and their corresponding technical challenges.



On the one hand the development of nanodiamonds and other carbon based nanoreinformcent to be incorporated into aluminium and magnesium alloys and on the other the problems related to the incorporation and agglomeration of nanooxides, nanocarbides and other nanometalic particles into these light alloys.

Another large part of the technical tasks will deal with the development of advanced high productivity manufacturing casting processes.Innovative production concepts will be applied to squeeze casting, low pressure and HPDC processes in order to develop new process variants that may offer higher productivity and quality ranges and to adapt them to the use of nanoreinforced materials.


Being a DEMO-type project the production of three final demonstrators belonging to the automotive, wind energy and constructions sectors is foreseen that should validate the work carried out in the RTD workpackages.


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